Leader in design and manufacturing of fixed and mobile crusher, screener and shredder for the recycling of aggregates, concrete, rock, milled asphalt, glass cullet and other waste materials

Leader in design and manufacturing of fixed and mobile crusher, screener and shredder for the recycling of aggregates, concrete, rock, milled asphalt, glass cullet and other waste materials



What they say about us

  • «CAMS is operated by a team of passionate and highly-specialised professionals, who have looked after us with great care and meticulous attention. We sat down and assessed our needs together to ensure we chose the right size of machine.»  
    Roberto Montebelli
    Eco-Frantumazioni Srl – Recycling magazine, March 2014
  • «Recycling milled asphalt is a production goal that Pavimental has pursued with success for some time now. To optimise the recycling process, we screen the material with a mesh size lower than 40. Thanks to the new mobile Centauro 100.32 system we can produce a granulometry of 0.08 for sand and 8-17 for fine aggregate, which is essential as the milled material must match the grading envelope of the new mixture with virgin materials. The purchase of this new system was also important because we currently use about 10/15% of milled material derived from asphalt in our mixes, but as this material is widely available, we are currently assessing the possibility of creating mixes containing greater percentages. This machine offers long-term benefits because to obtain this size using conventional screening and crushing systems designed for general use the material has to be processed twice, resulting in reduced productivity with repercussions on the cost of the entire recycling process. We were therefore searching for a solution that would make the process of preparing the material more fluid and efficient and the new mobile grinder has certainly helped us achieve that objective. When using a mixture of slabs and milled material, the system currently manages to process more than 110 t/hr, but in the first tests performed using only milled material the value reached was 180 tons/hour. This level of productivity in relation to performance and speed of assembly is achieved despite the compact size of the system; the Centauro can pass from processing material to transportation on a lorry in less than an hour. Other aspects that we have found of interest are greatly reduced consumption from the diesel motor and the low noise level.»
    Ing. Alessandro Ciuffa e Geom. Fausto Mammanco di Pavimental
    Revista STRADE & AUTOSTRADE junio de 2012
  • “Some manufacturers proposed to build a plant from scratch but we wanted tested machinery which left no degree of uncertainty in the result. So, we turned to Cams that showed us the videos of an already installed plant in Greece. Later, we rented one of their mobile machines for a few days in order to assess the goodness of the system and the response has been positive. Now, it was just a matter of looking for a scientific method that would be helpful to us because the primary shredding was not sufficient. The final achievement has been a custom-built fixed plant. […]. The output material is really homogeneous and of excellent quality with constant grading curves."
    Marco Sangalli, Titolare
    Sangalli Spa Owner - Strade e Autostrade, 10th April 2018
  • “This compact crusher has been operating from a few weeks but is already proving essential. With “Lupetto 1000”, asphalt pavement is crushed on-site at high rate of speed; here is great deal of accumulated material and we need all the production capacity of 120 tonnes per hour. Of course, the diversified ways to use the Cams machine will be exploited for other crushing applications. We’ll treat inert material, rubble and other materials from dismantling, making full use of the versatility of this compact model."
    Claudio Fulda
    Impresa Bramerini Francesco – Costruzioni Magazine, April 2018
  • «We have been producing conglomerates from recycled milled since 2003. We needed a carefully selected material. After trying various technologies, we recently chose the Centauro 100.32. We hired the same model for a while and were very impressed. The system’s mobility makes it very versatile as it can be moved on site for use in other applications. The machine is working well for us, with regard to both productivity and consumption.»
    Giuseppe Sabbadin
    Legal representative of Salima – Le Strade magazine, March 2015








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